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Daily: 9.30 AM–6.00 PM
Sunday & Holidays: Closed

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Hayes Ln, Bromley BR2 9EJ,
United Kingdom

Action Against Hunger 6, Mitre Passage,
London, SE 10 DEP

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Portland Place, London, WIA, IAA
United Kingdom

DLF Building Znnexe Building,Sansad Marg, Janpath,
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Hayes Ln, Bromley BR2 9EJ,
United Kingdom

About UK Auction Antique Gallery

The Art Gallery of United Kingdom

Welcome to the World’s Lead- ing Museum of Modern and Classic Art and Antiques. It includes works of art created during the period stretching from about 1860 to the 1970s.

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  • Western & Non-Western cultures
  • Artifacts and Antiquities
  • Traditional Art
  • Contemporary Design
  • Middle Eastern Art
  • War History
  • 20th Century Design
  • Arts of Global Africa
  • Gardens